Tree Pruning Services

Trees can be pruned for a variety of reasons, such as: allowing more light in to the garden, to clear buildings and to maintain the tree's size.

‚Äč Our services include:
  • Crown thinning: involves the removal of a proportion of secondary and small, live branch growth from throughout the crown. Producing an even density of foliage round a well spaced and balanced branch structure.
  • Crown lifting: involves the removal of lower branches to a desired clear height above ground level.
  • Crown reduction: reducing overall crown area by a given amount (usually in meters) from the tips of the branches to produce a smaller crown area, but retaining natural species shape.
  • Dead wooding: refers to removal of dead wood only.
  • Formative pruning: pruning a young tree so that in maturity it will be free from major physical weakness.

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